Terms & Conditions

The organizer offers highly qualified dance workshops with top coaches. He reserves the right to
change the coaches/ the timing of the workshops for important reasons after prior notice.

Packages/ Classes:
The type/scope of the event can be found in the current booking offers/information.

Booking/Payment Information:
Bookings can only be made online and are binding once the registration has been sent.
The due participation fee is to be paid to the business account within 3 days of receipt of the

confirmation email.

Cancellation by the participant:
Due to the very short period of time between the possibility of booking and the execution of the
event, a cancellation for reasons of planning security is excluded. Any exceptions to this regulation
are only possible for important reasons upon presentation of a medical certificate/an official letter,
but only if the reason is recognized by the organizer. In this case, a proportionate refund of 50% of
the paid participation fee will be made. The remaining fee covers the processing costs. However, a
substitute participant can be named by the original participant, but the original participant is
liable for the costs.

Cancellation or termination by the organizer:
The organizer may withdraw from the contract for good cause, e.g. if the minimum number of
participants is not reached. In this case, paid fees will be refunded. However, the organizer is not
liable for delays/ failures/ cancellations in the execution of the event if reasons beyond the
organizer’s control including force majeure, strikes, lockouts, accidents, fire, war, natural disasters,
development of the corona situation, etc. exist. In these cases, the organizer is not obliged to
refund the participant fee proportionally/entirely.

Liability provisions:
The organizer assumes no liability for personal/property damage, unless this was
negligently/intentionally caused by the organizer/coaches. Damages caused by theft, external
influence or force majeure are expressly excluded from liability. The participant or the legal
representative are liable for self-caused property damage/ personal injury.

Health regulations:
Participation is at the participant’s own risk. In case medical reasons arise during the participation,
which prevent the participant from participating, the organizer has to be informed immediately. The
organizer is not obligated to refund payments in part or in full. Any special medical measures,
medication, etc. that may be required, including the costs of an early departure, shall be
exclusively covered by the participant. If medical factors are known in advance that represent a
risk, participation is prohibited. The legal Corona rules valid at the time of the event as well as any
house rules of the organizer/landlord of the event location and the hotel facility must be observed.

General terms:
The participant has to show an acceptable behavior towards: Organizers, coaches, staff and fellow
participants. Rules and regulations must be followed. The consumption of alcohol (underage
participants), drugs/other illegal substances is prohibited and will lead to the exclusion of the
participant, as well as any other gross misconduct.

Data protection/ Consent to the collection and processing of data:
For the execution of contractual measures and for communication purposes, we collect, process
and store personal data that you yourself have provided to us (name, address, date of birth,
telephone / email contact data, etc.). This data is processed in accordance with the requirements
of the DSGVO. The data is automatically deleted routinely, taking into account the statutory
retention obligations and periods. The participant or his legal representative has the right to receive
information about the stored data / to request a data transfer to a desired third party at any time.
Likewise, a correction/deletion of incorrect/impermissibly stored data can be requested. Consent to
data collection is voluntary. However, without consent, participation in Fiesta Dance Camp is not
possible for processing reasons.

Declaration of the right to the image / sound:
The participant/ his/her legal representative declares his/her consent to the
creation/publication/editing/archiving/deletion of image/film and sound recordings for
communication/promotional purposes on the intranet/ internet/electronic media (website, social
networks such as WhatsApp/Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, etc.). If necessary, this consent
may be passed on to third parties/simultaneous publication on print media/internet
pages/electronic media corresponding to the media involved (newspaper, radio/television). This
consent expressly refers to current and future events, without the need to obtain permission for
each time again. The participant will be informed about possible risks. The consent can be
withdrawn at any time for the future.